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About Master-Mind Wisdom Coaching

Welcome to Master-Mind Wisdom Coaching! We believe that all behavior is chosen, and through changing our thinking, we can alter our actions and transform our lives. This philosophy is grounded in the idea of Choice Thinking, which states that our behaviors are driven by an eternal quest to satisfy our five fundamental human needs: survival, belonging, power, freedom, and fun. We've made it our goal to help guide you in this journey of transformation and growth. And the first step? It's just a quick 15-minute consultation away. Schedule your consultation now!

Our Vision

Looking ahead, we see a future where our services have touched countless lives with fairness, respect, honesty, and trust. Our vision is to create a world where individuals are empowered to live their fullest, most authentic lives, guided by their faith and a deep understanding of themselves. We believe in the power of connection and shared vision, which build trust, foster unity, promote collaboration, and enhance communication. In this future, everyone we work with feels seen, heard, and understood, and finds clarity in their journey. At Master-Mind Wisdom Biblical Coaching and Counseling, we're not just about what needs to get done - we're about making sure it matters to you.

Our Mission

At Master-Mind Wisdom Biblical Coaching and Counseling, we're all about helping you uncover the answers you hold within. We see ourselves as guides on your journey, using insightful, biblically-based questions to ignite your self-reflection and personal discovery. Our purpose is to offer you a sense of focus and direction, to connect your everyday actions to a larger purpose, and to ignite a sense of pride, creativity, and shared ownership in your journey. We believe in walking with you, hand in hand, as we help you create purposeful actions that lead you toward your goals.

If you're feeling lost, overwhelmed, or just not living your best life, it's time to reach out. You're just a 15-minute consultation away from starting your journey to a better you.

A little bit about our history

Wisdom coaching is a professional relationship that empowers individuals, couples, families, and groups to improve mental health, personal wellness, life goals, and enhance emotional character. Wisdom Counselors work with clients on strategies to overcome transition obstacles and personal challenges that they face in everyday life like loss and grief.


People often seek out help because of trouble with interpersonal relationships. A skilled wisdom counselor can help you determine if there is a condition, such as offense, anxiety, depression, shame, and anger, contributing to the decline in your personal growth and increased marital and relationship problems. The relationship problems are usually treated with Choice Behavior Therapy “CBT” and Emotional Intelligence Education “EIE” training and counseling.

Dealing with Grief and Loss

A crucial part of our work centers around grief and loss. It's something we all experience in our relationships, but the grief journey can look different for everyone. We understand that silent or disenfranchised grief and loss, where society doesn't validate your grieving, can make the process even harder. At Master-Mind Wisdom Coaching, we're here to tell you that your grief matters, and you don't have to go through it alone.

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We're here to help you navigate through life's challenges. Whether you're dealing with a loss, struggling with personal development, or simply seeking better mental health, you're not alone. Schedule a 15-minute consultation today, and let us guide you on your journey to a better tomorrow.

Your journey to transformation begins with a single step. Are you ready?

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