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Wisdom Coaching counseling and teaching

What is Wisdom Coaching

Wisdom coaching is a professional relationship that empowers individuals, couples, families, and groups to improve mental health, personal wellness, life goals, and enhance emotional character. Wisdom Counselors work with clients on strategies to overcome transition obstacles and personal challenges that they face in everyday life like loss and grief.


People often seek out help because of trouble with interpersonal relationships. A skilled wisdom counselor can help you determine if there is a condition, such as offense, anxiety, depression, shame, and anger, contributing to the decline in your personal growth and increased marital and relationship problems. The relationship problems are usually treated with Choice Behavior Therapy “CBT” and Emotional Intelligence Education “EIE” training and counseling.

A Changing World

The world is fast becoming a place of immense confusion and anxiety. Conflicting demands on your time may be causing you sometimes to lose yourself in the roles you play. You try to keep up and manage your health, feelings, relationships, work and life, and finance, but somehow the way to relaxation, confidence, and success seems too far away, and you end up worried, maybe even a little depressed. You wonder:

“What’s going on with my life?”

Our Vision 

It is our vision to help people transform personal challenges into life-enhancing opportunities. We strive to help clients learn how long-held beliefs and contexts can give rise to harmful behaviors that prevent them from living their best life. Our coaching sessions are kept very light and fun but are created to help make lasting change in our clients' lives.  

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