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New Year New Choices

Instead of making a New Year's resolution, make a choice for 2021

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  • Online Session

Service Description

2020 and 2021 has been a year of trials and tribulations our "Quality Worlds". Whether it was deeply personal matters, health issues, family problems, or the impact of the numerous actions on the government's part, these years have been rough. You can decide if you will approach the remainder and future years in fear and concern or excitement and possibility. 2021 & 2022 is stretching ahead of you, 365+ days of opportunities. Instead of making a New Year's resolution or Mid-Year resolution, make a choice for 2021 and beyond. Choose to follow your dreams and find success in whatever you set out to do. Lasting change and real transformation start with your choices; choose to create a more Mindful you. This free live workshop will spend two hours helping to develop cognitive behavior mindfulness and personal healthier relationships. Since you have no power or control over anyone other than yourself, this is important to acknowledge. Take action today to make 2021 plus, better than 2020!

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